RECAP: The Walking Dead Episode 512 or as I like to call it “Will You People Shower? Thanks”

Welcome to another Walking Dead recap! As always, this post has spoilers from the episode, so if you haven’t seen it yet, feel free to read previous recaps first!


Alright. Alright. Let’s see what Alexandria has for us.

“We brought dinner.” – Only Daryl

See? Isn’t that nice for our crew to bring snacks?

I need to throw this out there: Why do these new people ask for their weapons? As if they’re just going to hand them on over. Why are they shocked? They’ve been watching them, so they should know better. These people don’t answer to strangers.

The house has books!! Let’s stop and talk about all the books!!!

Back to these new characters. We meet Deanna Monroe and she interviews Rick on camera and we get a bit of background story. She worked in Congress and was forced to this place when they were trying to get out of VA. She needs to stop smiling. She’s at a lost of what the world really is right now. She’s never even left the compound. I mean yikes. Although she exiled three men. I wonder if they ended up as Termites?

“I want you to help us survive.” Deanna to Rick

Deanna is such the politician, but I don’t think she’s Gov material.

They eventually give up their guns. I have a feeling this will come back to haunt them. Not so much because of the people inside, but when some new crazy comes to attack the place. You know that’s bound to happen.


Photo by Gene Page/AMC

Aaron gives them two houses and says they can explore, check things out and they won’t have people bugging them. The house Carl and Rick explore is nice! I get why they were running for $800K.

And oh my word – SHOWERS people. SHOWERS.

Jessie shows up all neighborly, cuts Rick’s hair and says her sons can hang out with Carl. I don’t know if I can fully trust a group of people who have never been on the outside after everything hit the fan.

Can we all take a moment to appreciate that Season 1 Rick is back (and the hashtag #CleanCutRick)! But more importantly why haven’t the rest showered??

We don’t get too much more. Daryl is ansty in his video interview and refuses to sit down. Then he decided to cut open din din on the porch. Bruh. Gross. There’s some creepy noises and Carl comes across an abandoned attic (we never find out what caused the sounds).

Deanna fully approves of Rick’s new look. Let’s be honest, who didn’t?

In Michonne’s interview, she makes it clear this is what they want. Rick has a freak out moment when he can’t find Carl and Judith. They were hanging out with some g-rents, so all is well. Jessie is a bit pushy with the friendship, but Carl hangs out with her boys and a really angry teenage girl. Carl has a freak out moment, but gets no compassion from Edith.


He also is real honest in his interview, the whole “I killed my mom” thing. I get not holding back though. They need to know exactly who they are, in case they try to do anything shady.

“They’re weak. I don’t want us to get weak too.” Interesting Carl, interesting…

But seriously, WHY HASN’T EVERYONE SHOWERED? I’m sorry I keep bringing this up, but I can’t be the only one who thinks this.

Rick decides to go for a night walk after a quick chat with Michonne. He stumbles upon Jessie’s husband. He’s just creepily sitting on the porch, smoking and provides the most non-genuine welcome I’ve ever witnessed. I bet he’s a bowl of cherries and will end up dead soon.

We cut to Rick laying down and then suddenly popping his eyes open like he’s just remembered something. Great. Just great. What did he remember?!

These interviews are interesting. It’s a good look at where people are at and what they think of this place. What’s Carol’s play? She still misses her husband?? Homegirl. You’re better than that. Although I’ve decided its an act. Daryl’s reaction to Carol’s new look and job? “You look ridiculous.” Only Daryl.

“We need to make this work because we were almost out there too long.” Glenn

Rick goes outside to explore the walls and Carl spies Edith (angry teen) climbing over the walls. So naturally he follows. He hasn’t learned since season two.

Glenn, Tara and Noah meet some of the guys and they go on a dry run. Rick goes back to retrieve his gun in the blender and it’s missing. Hmmm…..A bunch of walkers come, Carl shows up (Rick is no longer surprised) and they stab them all, even the one hiding underneath the blankie. It seems like they enjoyed killing them with the knife. Maybe so they don’t forget or get “weak?”

The two guys on the run turn out to be total jerks. Ew. They left one walker hanging (why would the other walker have eaten him though?? They don’t eat each other…), Aidan admits he’s a jerk and they’re ridiculous. They think this is all a game. They have no idea. Plus they almost got one of my people killed. Nope.

I knew there was something wrong. Our crew was quick to respond though. At least Deanna recognizes that’s what they needed – you know to be knocked out by Glenn (and Aidan is her son). Finally, Rick accepts her job offer and puts his badge back on. It’s fitting. Makes me a bit happy.

“If they can’t make it, we’ll just take this place.” Just in case people forget who Rick is.

Hmmm…a bit of a slower episode again, but I’m okay with this. I need time to scope this new place out. Alright, what do you think? Sound off below or on Facebook.