Fun Finds for the Booknerd #17

Fun Finds July 2014

Since we all know July is the best month of the year…wait, you didn’t know that? Well then, you’re welcome for the fun fact! Not only is it summer time, but it’s the month in which my parents welcomed me into the world, so yeah, I’m a little partial. Birthdays are always fun and a great time to spend with family and friends! I was in California this past weekend, so got to have a pre-party with the fam :). I thought I’d continue celebrating a little early with a Special Birthday Edition of Fun Finds. Which basically means these are things I really, really want. :)

1. Vivian Maier: Street Photographer. I first heard of Vivian Maier years ago and her story captured me from the beginning. The story of a quiet and amazing street photographer whose work was only discovered years after her death through serendipitous means (a box of her negatives was auctioned off without her caretakers realizing it – check out the link to find out more!). She was a nanny most of her life, but also an incredible photographer. They put her work in a book and I want it!! $22.57

2. JRR Tolkien: Adventure Pendant. The answer is yes, I need this. Kind of immediately too. My reading buddy Wesley tweeted this to me and after I recovered from major envy and want, I decided to add it to Fun Finds and maybe one day buy it for myself. Because LOOK AT IT. It’s in Tolkien’s handwriting. That is all. Starts at $45.00

3. Support Education in Kenya & Send Orphans to School With Mocha Club Flowly Raglan. I love Mocha Club and all the work they are doing in Africa to change the lives of so many. Want to join for only $9.00 a month? You can join my team!! Anyway, this shirt is cute, it has books on it and it helps kids around the world. Best way to celebrate a birthday if you ask me! $28.00

4. USB typewriter. I don’t even own an iPad, but I want this. Then I’ll buy the iPad. Granted, it’s so far out of my price range or what I’d spend even if I had that kind of cash, but hey, when’s it’s your birthday, I give you permission to eye the way-out-of-price-range items too. :) $799.00

5. Geek Lights LED Nightlights Light box. I love the quote and it’s perfect for a night light. No one likes coming home to a pitch dark apartment, so I vote yes on this one. $24.95

6. Map of Middle Earth. The question really that we have is, who DOESN’T need this? The answer is no one. Even if you’ve never seen or read any of Tolkien’s works (which I have to say, I’m sorry for you), this looks cool. Perfect or an office or reading nook!. $16.00

Anyone else have a summer birthday? What do you think of these Fun Finds or what’s on your birthday list?

  • Wesley

    That Africa/book print is too cute!

    • Jamie

      I know! Creative and saves the world. Wins.

  • Katherine Jones

    Love the night light–needs to go on my list too. I don’t have a July b’day, but my son does, so I think July is a pretty awesome month too!

    • Jamie

      Aw! Happy birthday to your son!

  • mongupp

    Happy Birthday, Jamie! I’ve never read Tolkien…or seen Lord of the Rings! One of these days!

    • Jamie

      Thank you!! Yes, you definitely need to watch Lord of the Rings (and I vote read it too ;)!! I hope you get the chance to soon!

  • Maeve Ricaurte

    Maeve from Muse (the Tolkien pendant) here – thank you for the mention! We’re always open to recommendations, so if you have any other ‘Muses’ you’d love to see, you can drop me a line at [email protected].

    Oh, and before I forget: here’s a little discount code for Books and Beverages on anything on our site (, just for you all! Take 20% off with discount code BOOKBEV

    Thanks again! :) I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Jamie

      Wow! Thank you so much! Looking forward to checking checking out the site! I’ll definitely let people know too!

      • Wesley

        Nice!!!! Now resistance really is futile.

        • Jamie

          Agreed. :)

  • Hamlette

    I have a map of Middle Earth! But it’s just a poster I got from Walmart. Not nearly as cool as that one!

    • Jamie

      I’m jealous :) Etsy is the land of all things awesome when it comes to Middle Earth maps! I definitely need to get something quick though :)