Giving Coffee A Chance | Guest Post by Denise Dykstra

Y’all. Today is the day I have my first ever guest post and I’m beyond excited! You see, it all started when I wanted to have some coffee-related posts on my blog (since I’ve had one beverage related post and I figure that needs to change in 2014), but I hate coffee, so that makes writing a post about coffee a little awkward, but as the Beatles have taught me I can do anything with a little help from my friends!

So please welcome Denise Dykstra from Life With Four Boys…Coffee Please on the blog today! She know’s a thing or two about coffee :).

I love coffee. A lot.

My blog is called Life With Four Boys…Coffee Please and I help with the ministry Praise and Coffee. Coffee is sort of an essential part of me.

My tastes in coffee have evolved over the years and I am sure it will continue to evolve. It’s as if I am on a life long coffee journey. When I was in high school, I began drinking coffee mixed with cocoa. My husband and I spent Sundays our first year of marriage in a coffee shop playing checkers and drinking mochas. When our first of four boys were born, I couldn’t stand coffee. Couldn’t even handle the smell. When our second son was born, my love of coffee returned and has only strengthened over the years.


My husband drinks Folgers coffee every day. In his to go cup is a mix of sugar and Folger’s mocha cappuccino mix. Once the coffee is poured and mixed, he tops it off with half and half or chocolate milk.

My husband used to bring me mug of coffee every morning but he tells me that my coffee is too complicated to make anymore.

He is right.

I have enjoyed my coffee heavy with flavored cream. Then my mom picked up some coffee for me from a little coffee shop. Once I had finished the two-pound bag of fresh roasted beans I could not go back.

Instructions to make my coffee sound like this… “Grind the beans but not too fine. You want some grit in it so that it isn’t so fine it floats in the coffee. Pour about this much in the French press. How much? I don’t know, I just guesstimate. Pour in the water. Not boiling, that ruins it, but close to boiling. Press down the press. Pour into the cup to, oh, about here and then top with half and half. No, sugar would ruin the smokiness of the beans.”

I have become a coffee snob.


So every morning he pours his pot of coffee and I press my coffee. It works well for us.

The one thing we do agree on is that coffee simply must be strong. Very strong.

I know there are coffee roasting shops all over the country. When you find one, visit it. They are thrilled to explain all the coffee’s, the blends, how to find the right flavor for you. I appreciate knowing my coffee addiction supports a little coffee shop called Water Street Coffee in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

There is something comforting about a warm cup of coffee. The way it greets you first thing in the morning. The way your hands wrap around a mug on a cold day. The soothing taste as you lose yourself in a good book. The various shops all around the country where you meet up with friends and share life together.

Give coffee a chance. Experiment with the various roasts (right now I am drinking Sumatra, in the summer I often choose a light “blonde” roast) and mixes until you find one that works well with you. Some of you don’t like coffee (Jamie!) and that’s fine. It means more coffee for me.


Denise Dykstra is a coffee drinking mama who blogs over at Life With Four Boys…Coffee Please any chance she can get when she isn’t helping her truck driving husband on their hobby farm, cooking up something to feed her ravenous four boys or working part time as Librarian Assistant. You can keep up with Denise on Facebook (Life With Four Boys, Coffee Please!) or twitter (@life4boys).

  • Juju at Tales of

    Great post! Hi Denise! *waves*

    I love how coffee is so customizable. My husband and I aren’t coffee snobs but since we fell in love with our pour over coffee, we can tell when coffee is burnt/over heated.

    When I was pregnant, the smell of coffee grossed me out. I was sooooo happy when my taste for it returned.

    • Denise Dykstra

      Hello, Juju!

      Wasn’t it scary to think you may never have your love of coffee returned? So glad it did!

      Thanks for the warm hello!

    • Jamie

      I’m totally like that with my tea – steep that tea bag too much and I’ll tell if it was 20 seconds to long – haha! Thanks for saying hey :)

      • Ian

        “Steep” is a such a cool word, don’t you think? It’s old-fashioned, rarely used and kinda belongs to tea lovers. I’m a coffee & herbal tea leaf lover. Typically don’t do bags, love the ceremony of the leaves steeping (have I used that correctly?) in the pot for yes, just the right amount of time. Too long the flavour is too strong and spoils the moment.

        • Jamie

          I do feel a bit more sophisticated when I use the word steep. I agree – it’s rather fantastic :) Oh and I love loose leaf tea too! Mmmm…

      • Juju at Tales of

        Oooo yes. Certain teas (like the medicinal ones they say to steep for 10 minutes) but some teas are sooo wrong steeped too long. My pleasure. :)

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  • Becca

    Yum! My husband and I have different coffee preferences, too – which is why we love our Keurig. Flavored for me, blonde for him.

    • Denise Dykstra

      Love your coffee bar, Becca! :)

    • Jamie

      When I found out the Keurig also covered teas, I almost passed out :) Thanks for stopping by!!

  • Denise Dykstra

    Thank you so much for letting me post on your blog today, Jamie! It has been so fun and I have so enjoyed talking with you. As a book lover, I love your blog – even if you don’t drink coffee. :)

    • Jamie

      Agreed! Now the pressure is on for me to write an awesome tea post :)

  • Zaankali

    Another commonality… I like my coffee strong. =)

    • Jamie

      I will say I do love the smell of coffee – it makes me happy! Just not the taste ;)

      • Denise Dykstra

        Zaankali – our commonality’s always crack me up! :)

  • Hamlette

    How can I espresso my love for coffee? I love it strong and black, or with a flavored creamer as a special treat. I French-pressed for years, in a little single-cup French press my mom gave me as a birthday gift because the cupboards in our apartment were so low I couldn’t put a coffee maker under them. Now I do use a drip coffee maker, but as a special treat I’ll pull out my French press now and then. Definitely has a smoother taste!

    I have yet to find a brand or flavor that I love so much I’m not tempted to try something new now and then. Some day, I will! For a long time, I loved Chock Full O’ Nuts’ New York blend, but I can’t find that where I live now, so I’m back to trying different things.

    • Jamie

      I need to spread my wings a little on tea flavors like you do with coffee! I love certain ones, so always just go with those, but I think I might be missing out on some goodness!

      • Hamlette

        My husband loves tea, and I like some kinds, so for Christmas and his birthday one year, I got him some samplers that had like 6 bags of 6 or 12 different flavors, and he could then figure out what he liked and didn’t like. So now he tends to get the same few varieties. So that might be a good way to try new flavors! Or go to a coffeehouse that has lots of different teas and try a new one every time.

        • Jamie

          ooo…I need to get a sampler! Mmm!