Fun Finds for the Booknerd #11 a.k.a. Christmas Edition!!

Fun Finds December 2013-Books and Beverages

It’s almost Christmas!! I love everything about Christmas – the family times, the meaning, the laughter and the yummy food. It really is the most wonderful time of the year. So since this is the first ever December edition of Fun Finds – I officially declare it the Christmas Edition! Which pretty much means I’ve added more than five gift ideas. So if you’re a book nerd or have a friend you’re shopping for, I hope this list will help you find the perfect gift!

1. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Bilbo Baggins Door iPhone Case. Do you know what comes out this Friday??? Just one of the best movies of the year! I can’t wait to catch the next installment of The Hobbit and if you know a fellow fan, what better way to make their Christmas merry and bright? $31.96

2. Halve Bookends. If I didn’t have a tendency to kill fish (I was told Betta fish are really hard to kill. Three Betta fish later, I figured aquatic animals weren’t for me), I might actually own these. But how fun of an addition would this be to a desk or library? $59.00

3. Reindeer Names Daryl Dixon Christmas TWD Shirt. As you know I have a thing for The Walking Dead. And if you watch the show, you know Mr. Dixon is ridiculously awesome. As is this Christmas shirt. So really, it’s a win for everyone. $20.99

4. Match Book Set. This is a win based on how cute it is. I have a fun giveaway coming at the beginning of the new year and you bet these are included in the prize. But let’s talk about how creative this is using Fahrenheit 451 as one of the titles? High five on that one. $8.00

5. Library Embosser. Que como?!? If I had this, I’d be stamping all of my books. What an awesome way to label your books. Trust me, if you have a book nerd friend, this is the perfect gift! $26.00

6. Fully Booked Tent. Do I camp? Yes, as long as it’s indoors with plumbing, heat, a shower and a bed. But, you know if you have reader friends who are more “hardcore” campers, then this might be one for them. $809.24

7. Book Style Paper Towel Tissue Box. Because why not? $33.00

8. Harry Potter, Gryffindor snuggie. You think I’m kidding. My office AC hates me, so my work area is approx -87 degrees, otherwise the rest of the office is 95 degrees. So what did my wonderful company do? Let me pick a snuggie. And you bet this is the one I picked. $27.50

9. Change the World. There are many things to be thankful for, so one thing I want to suggest is the gift of changing a life. This really is one of my favorite gifts to give and receive. There are so many organizations doing incredible work and one is World Vision. They have so many areas you can donate to, so browse their website and change the world with me!

So friends, are you all done with your Christmas shopping? What’s on your list?