Making the World More Beautiful | The Help Experiment

Every once in a while you have the chance to be part of something that is changing the world. You connect with a group of people who are dreaming, building and changing lives in the process.

It’s encouraging.

It’s inspiring.

And it makes me want to continue to do all I can to change the world.

There’s something amazing to community. Connecting with people you may not know in person (yet), but already have a bond because y’all are on the same page.

Enter in The Help Experiment.

Help Experiment

I don’t even know if I can fully explain how incredible this group is. A group of people who want to change the world by simply offering different ways to help others. No fees, no strings, just living out a beautiful thing called love. Loving people where they are at and helping them in any ways they can.

From a home cooked meal, to help with a logo and branding, to travel help, to proofreading college papers (I would have been ALL over that in grad school); I’m not kidding when I say there are endless possibilities.

The Vision of The Help Experiment is this: “We are a collective of individuals joining together to help others. We do it because we can, we do it because we should, and we do it because we think… you would too.”

I know, most people don’t help for “free.” We surrounded, no attacked, daily by a world that says the only person you should care about is yourself. But I’m pretty sure if people dug deep, looked at their own hearts, they could admit that isn’t true. Life is meant to be more beautiful than that.

So now we’re spreading the word. We’re getting others to join in. So I invite you to join the group. Right now we’re connected through Facebook, but soon we’ll be beyond that.

Join me. Join my amazing friends. Be part of an incredible community.

Spread kindness.



Because those are the things that change the world.


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