The 5 Official Drinks of Books and Beverages

As you have probably noticed, my blog is titled Books and Beverages. On that fateful day in March almost two years ago, I was thinking of a name for this blog and wanted a second “b” word. Since I had a beverage with me, Books and Beverages was born. I know – such a compelling and inspiring story of a blog’s name. But I figured one day I’d incorporate beverages into the blog.

And guess what? Today is that lucky day!! I think the perfect debut is a list of my favorite drinks. You know those ones I like to have whenever, the ones I read with and ones that make an appearance at book club.


Shirley Temples – 98.67% of the time I order this at a restaurant the server either laughs or makes a comment. To which I say, don’t hate son! Yeah, you can always turn this one into an “adult” version, but it’s perfect just the way it is (plus cheaper). You know, for those days when a little cherry flavor goodness just feels right.

Ho Ho Ho Punch – Thank you Pinterest for helping me find this simple, yet oh so tasteful and refreshing drink! It’s supposed to be a holiday style drink, but I can find any reason to celebrate, so I deem this a year-around drink. Three ingredients are all you need: Ginger ale, frozen strawberries and Champagne. Pour them all together in a bowl and deliciousness is served.

Cream Soda – Some people hate this drink. They probably also hate kittens and smiles too. Not my bad if you want to live life in sadness. My favorite brand is probably IBC Cream Soda, but I’ll take A&W too. I try not to drink too much soda, but this one is hard to resist.

Blackberry Sage Tea - I love tea. I can drink it all day. Made by the wonderful folks over at Republic of Tea, this is perfect just the way it is. It doesn’t even need sugar or cream added. I usually drink it hot, but it tastes just as fine cold.

Peach Tea – I love all things peach (except candy, I know strange), so any type of peace tea and I’m in. And if you’re driving around looking for a quick drink, Burger King randomly has tasty peach iced tea (this was discovered in a moment of weakness, when I was craving a burger and fries).

There are a few more I could definitely add to this list, but I’ll start with these. So what are your favorites and something I should try? I’m always up for trying a new drink and if it’s tasty I’ll include in the next version of B&B’s drink list!


  • LubbyGirl

    COFFEE! Gimme COFFEE! :lol: And tea – peach is one of my faves too, but blueberry tea has been a recent indulgence. Never tried ho ho ho punch or shirley temples, reckon I live a sheltered life. :lol: btw…love that devotional that cute teapot (I have one of those too) is sitting on.

    • jamielynne82

      You know, I’ve tried coffee, but I just can’t enjoy it. Crazy right? But tea, all the time! :) Now at least you have a few more drinks to try!!

      I love Chambers devos too!

  • hamlettethedame

    When I was a little kid, I tried and tried to love tea. I think I read a lot of books about people who drank tea, and it seemed more refined than coffee. Plus, my parents let me drink tea, but they wouldn’t let me have coffee. But I just couldn’t grow to like it, and so I gave up. In college, I fell in love with coffee, especially at this one little coffee house down the hill that my best friend and i tried to go to at least once a month, even though she doesn’t like coffee, lol. But it wasn’t until I got a little French press that I began to love straight coffee rather than frilly cappuccinos and mochas. I like it strong and black in the morning :-9 In the afternoon, sometimes i make an iced coffee if I need a pick-me-up.

    And I married a devoted tea drinker. Eventually, while pregnant and trying to cut down on caffeine, I experimented with tea until I found how to make it to my taste — let the bag steep much longer, add a little sugar or honey, but not much. I like strong flavors and not lots of sweetness. I love chamomile with a little honey and milk, and also black chai with the same.

    • jamielynne82

      I remember trying coffee in my first semester of college (you know that first all-nighter) and I ordered the biggest cup and was ready to give it a shot. I took one sip and passed it off to my roommate. I couldn’t do it! I love the smell though (and love coffee shops too :).

      Chamomile is yummy too! I’m glad you can enjoy a few teas! :)

  • Monica

    I’m a GRITS – Girl Raised In The South – so it’s no surprise that I’m addicted to sweet tea (iced, of course). I love the concept of (hot) tea, collect and gift tea sets to fellow collectors, have attended several high teas (hosted one for my own wedding), but can’t really drink and enjoy it. I’ll fix a cup according to my liking and then let it get lukewarm orcold before I drink it. May as well ice it for all that trouble. BTW, I love cream soda as well. :D

    • jamielynne82

      haha! I love that phrase GRITS! When I first saw it, I was thinking someone loves grits as much as I do! (My dad is from the south, so there’s some southern in my blood :) ). But I love it! You can’t go wrong with cold tea – I agree. There’s nothing worse then grabbing my tea, thinking it’s going to be nice and warm only to be hit with luke warm. No thanks!

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