Walking Dead 409 or as I like to call it “The time I lost 9 lives.”

We’re finally back to the recaps!!! Hope you’re excited as I am!!!! So here’s my official welcome to another Walking Dead recap! As always, this post has spoilers from the episode, so if you haven’t seen it yet, feel free to read previous recaps first!

“Previously on The Walking Dead… “

I kinda love those words.

Now time to discuss what happened after those very words! Prepare for lots of all caps folks because oh my word, this episode known as “After?” Oh.my.word.

So…Michonne. What an episode for Michonne! But before we discuss her further…You know what wasn’t necessary??? SEEING HERSHEL’S HEAD AS A ZOMBIE (that statement also gets filed under things I never thought I’d say). Oh you think you’re recovered from Hershel’s death? Guess what, we’re going to pour salt in the almost healed wound. Geez…you can’t make me cry so soon. You can’t. I’ll come back to Michonne, but let’s dive into the dynamic known as Rick and Carl Grimes.

Oh Rick… You’re a hot mess. Carl, I’ve grown to like you this season, but wow – you were a little punk this entire episode.

Sidenote: Michonne..the footprints! The bloody foot prints!! FOLLOW THEM.

Remember the one time Carl brought up Shane and I wanted to smack him? Oh no he.didn’t. Apparently Carl is all about dealing with every father/son issue he’s ever thought of while his dad is practically DYING. I get it, I do. But you’re Dad is trying buddy! He can’t even say that everything is going to be okay anymore.

Did I mention Rick is a hot mess this episode?

Carl, please don’t ever walk backwards again. Because you caused me to drop dead from my heart failure. And what do you have to say for yourself? “I win.” I win??? “Cool”??? That’s it? Meanwhile everyone at home needed to go change their pants.

I know Carl was working though several thoughts, but man alive…there was no holding back. Once again I want to slap him across the face. It was the line saying he didn’t care if he lived or died. Say that about Rick, you deserve a slap. Surely you jest Carl, and that was simply a momentary lapse.

Photo by Gene Page/AMC

Photo by Gene Page/AMC

Shall we continue the discussion of Carl’s antics? Let’s. Here I thought he was done after his little stroll around the neighborhood with three walkers, but nooooo…he wants to be Rambo instead and in the process, I once again NEARLY.DIED. I couldn’t even watch the whole scene in the house upstairs with a walker grabbing shoes, pants and everything else. No lie. I couldn’t. And once again, all those watching probably had to change their pants.

Now y’all. Y’ALL. When Rick started waking up sounding all zombie-ish, I mean…I just kept telling myself “they wouldn’t do that. THEY WOULDN’T DO THAT.” But I wasn’t really even sure, so I don’t think I breathed air for a good five minutes. This also proved I couldn’t watch the show without Rick. SO DON’T KILL HIM. Then Carl almost shooting his Dad…I can’t. I’m glad Carl realizes he does need his Dad, but seriously can it not be at the expense of my life?? Is this what it’s going to be like the next 7 episodes? Help us all!

Now onto Michonne. The flashback/dream was umm..different. If they do this with other characters, I don’t think I’ll mind. Switching it up, you know? I liked getting a little more back story about Michonne as well. The story behind her two pets? Check. The reason she cried holding Judith? Check. (P.S. Wayyy cute baby by the way).

So she needed some time to figure things out, walk along with a herd of walkers like it was just another day in the park and then have a breakdown. I did feel bad she had to work through it all by herself, but I’m glad she did. Plus further proof she’s ballin! I think she took out like 75 walkers. Give or take a few ;).

I will say with the ending, THANK THE LORD Michonne and Grimes crew reconnected. After all we went through in those 60 minutes, we deserved at least that.

Line of the episode goes to Rick with “It’s for you” after Michonne knocked on the door. I kind of loved that.

Okay friends. I need your thoughts! How did this episode go for you? What do you think is gonna happen next??? And what kind of preview for next week was that?! I’ve decided this half is going to be the death of me. Join in below or on Facebook!

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  • Jason Fukunaga

    Excellent recap Jamie! I was really hoping Carl would cap his dad just for crawling around like that. I mean, really, Rick should know better. Also, I was a little sad at how they made Carl’s weakness his inability to destroy walkers. I think that if he were to run into trouble solo, he’d have a hard time dealing with people, not walkers…his social skills have not progressed past killing a surrendering boy and caring about a two-faced Shane. Meh, what do I know, at least his character seems to find some clarity in the episode.

    On the subject of Michonne…I think she should have kept her walker pets since they are an amazing deterrent to safe travel. But on the plus side, at least she lashes out and destroys some life. Or unlife. Whatever. I personally think we need to see more destruction of walker life by our people as they’ve made it this far, they should know better by now. I mean, really, when you go somewhere, you kill as many of them as you pass so they can’t swarm you and kill you later. Ahem, Governor in the old people’s home…

    Again though, Michonne finds clarity just like Carl, which made this episode seem very unilateral, as in we may be moving into something big. I’m not excited about not seeing Rick and Carl and Michonne next week, but I do really want to see what’s up with Lizzie. That is one awesome little psycho.

    On a side note, let’s see Darryl and Beth rock some walkers and bring back Carol. I’m definitely a fan of bringing folks back…like Herschel. Wow, what a reminder. You die, you come back, your friend puts an end to that. That’s the circle of life. Love it. Speaking of bringing people back, let’s bring back that guy that saved Rick in the first season that lost his son in the 3rd season. That guy was freakin awesome. And down. Did you see all the craziness he setup in his town?

    So anyways, I’m excited for another episode, depressed I have to wait a week, and just straight wishing this zombie apocalypse would hurry up and happen. But I want Walking Dead zombies, not fast ones. And no animal zombies. Seriously, that’s just not fair.

    One more note, sidebar if you will…what is your preferred weapon of choice for this apocalypse? I mean, guns are great and all, but carrying so much ammo is heavy and would be hard to come by after a while. Also, they never clean their guns and their guns never jam, real life? I think not. I’m going to go with a spear, good for clearing out walkers from a rooftop. Lengthy stabbing/slicing, and definitely good for clearing an immediate area around you. Your choices?

    • HurrDurrman

      My father has a sword which a soldier used during the Pacific War in Chile. I told him once the apocalypse happens, I’m totally using that sword

      • http://booksandbeverages.org/ Jamie

        Nice!! Good idea! :)

    • Joe Gaither

      Short spear is my weapon of choice, Hammer as a backup. Carl is ready to become a killer now he knows he is not close encounter combatant so he will make sure to save his ammo. Michonne is my favorite character because of her independence. She is a survivor no matter the situation or circumstances. Kinda like a female version of Darryl. I will watch as long as she survives. #teammichonne

      • http://booksandbeverages.org/ Jamie

        Michonne is awesome, so yes, she better not die!!

    • http://booksandbeverages.org/ Jamie

      Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!!

      Yeah, I yelled at the TV when Carl brought up Shane. Ew. Michonne better be around for a while – she’s such a rock star. And are the kids separate?? Or were they with Tyreese???

      I liked that one guy from the beginning, but I don’t think he’s coming back (he kinda had lost it after his son died by his zombie mom right?). But I did like his character! He’s the first guy we meet after Rick in season 1! Memories :).

      Yeah, World War Z zombies? Those things are freaky fast. Although the one that attacked Carl was kind of a beast.

      Never thought of a spear, but good idea! Thanks to Legalos and then Mr. Dixon, I’m going with the bow as my weapon of choice. :) Second? A sword. I wouldn’t mind having a gun to though :)

      • Jason Fukunaga

        I think Tyrese ran after them at the end of the first half of the season. I think you’re right that they won’t bring that guy back from the beginning, he was super crazy…just how I like my friends during the apocalypse. I like the idea of a sword, but that means they have be within arms reach of you really, and those things go blunt quickly. At least with a spear you only have to sharpen a smaller tip and then you just jab them in the face from 8 feet away.

        I’d use a bow too, but my aim is terrible and the only bow I have access to right now has an 80-lb draw, meaning, by the time I got the one and only arrow back, I’d probably be dead anyways lol.

        • http://booksandbeverages.org/ Jamie

          “Just how I like my friends during the apocalypse..” haha! Note to self, stay away from Jason during end of the world zombie times! :)

  • Joe Gaither

    First time, long time. Could you kill a loved one as soon as they turn?

    • http://booksandbeverages.org/ Jamie

      It would be hard, but maybe I would, but only after they turned. I was just thinking about the note from the store: “Do what I couldn’t do.” I mean, I wouldn’t want to turn!

  • Ian

    Jamie, excellent summary. I think Michonne is my favourite character (I so wish I had thought her up for one of my novels!). How lovely was it to see her emotion? That final moment when she saw Carl & Rick through the curtains – man, not a dry eye in the house!

    But my question(s) is will we see the Governor again? as a zombie? as a new age zombie with special talents?

    Till next week.

    • http://booksandbeverages.org/ Jamie

      Michonne is one of my favorites too – so now I’m scared she’ll be killed off sooner than later. :(

      New age zombie? haha! Sounds like the Gov!!!